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Ex Phys Pers Training

At Horizon Homecare, we understand the needs of the NDIS participants and provide holistic care to help them achieve their goals. Our experienced Exercise Physiologists ensure enriching physical training, to assist the participants in living as autonomously as possible by enhancing their well-being. We encourage our participants to incorporate physical training into their lifestyle to maintain their health and be in line with their goals.

Eligible participants who avail of this service at Horizon Homecare are able to achieve what for them is of significance.

If you are an NDIS participant eligible for this support service, feel free to get in touch with us.


Our aim is to work on building capacities to live and travel independently. Hence, the support workers at Horizon Homecare provide assistance under this support service that includes training to use public transport or making travel and transport arrangements. We continue to ensure that our participants travel safely, yet independently, and therefore we extend assistance with necessary costs of rental transport arrangements, be it taxis or other private transport.

Whilst valuing individuals in our community, we lay emphasis on promoting a healthy, and safe lifestyle. As a registered NDIS provider, we continue to extend the best assistance possible to our participants.

Assistive prod-household task

This support service is primarily focused on maximizing an individual’s capacity to live as independently as possible and live life on their own terms. The household tasks at home can be made much easier with access to specialized equipment, and therefore, giving you more time to do things that are most important to you.

Under this support, the equipment and aids that cater to cooking, cleaning, laundry, and general home maintenance include adapted clocks, assistive devices for cleaning, dishwashing, and cooking, alarms, doorbells, and more.

Get in touch with us today to avail of this support.


Horizon Homecare assists participants in communicating as autonomously as possible by assisting them to communicate in essential, personal, social, or community activities.

Under this support service, we provide a range of ways in which we assist NDIS participants, which include but are not limited to providing an in-person interpreting service, interpreting through video conferencing, and helping clients with taking notes if need be.

We focus on making communication easy and interactive for you, and hence, leave no stone unturned to provide you with the best translation and interpretation services.


Horizon Homecare works diligently to guide and prompt appropriate accommodation for the participants. We actively undertake activities that ensure that our participants obtain, and/or retain appropriate accommodation facilities.

This support service may include individual case planning, liaising with associated service providers including but not limited to DHHS, proprietors, or real estate agents, and providing assisting to apply for a rental tenancy or to undertake tenancy obligations in line with the participant’s tenancy agreement. Along with this, we may also provide help in redefining their housing goals, and utilizing our expertise in implementing strategies to retain current tenancies.

Innov community participation

We firmly believe that engaging within a community grows and nourishes an individual abundantly. We are staunch supporters of community involvement and therefore provide all possible support to participants registered under the NDIS to participate in the community. We sit with you and listen to your goals to understand your plans better and accordingly, encourage you to be a part of an ever-growing community. Be it providing support in participating in extra-curricular activities, workshops, or traveling, we cater to it all. Get in touch with us today for how we can tailor our support services as per your needs.  

Household tasks

We help eligible participants in performing essential household tasks that they are not able to undertake or perform due to any reason. Our support workers understand the importance of carrying out household tasks whilst being safe and maintaining a healthy environment, hence, they assist you with tasks including but not limited to cleaning bathrooms and toilets, dishwashing, laundry & linen, ironing, making beds, cleaning the kitchen, meal preparation, vacuuming, garden maintenance, and grocery shopping.

This support is aimed at assisting individuals in the comfort of their home and cater to general chores at home.

Assist Personal Activities

At Horizon homecare, we take pride in assisting you with:

  • Purchasing everyday items including contingent products yourself or via online services.
  • Interpreting and translating your medical bills etc.
  • Providing carers for essential household tasks that you are unable to undertake yourself (e.g. gardening, linen service, house cleaning, preparation and delivery of meals, etc).

All in all, under this support service, we assist you in performing personal activities to make sure that all your requirements are met, the routine is not disrupted, and you still are able to live safely and independently.

Assist Life Stage Transition

We understand how essential it is to transition effortlessly from one life stage to another. Under this support service, we provide short and long-term support as per the need of the hour and lay major emphasis on strengthening the participant’s ability to coordinate their supports and manage their transitions effectively.

Along with assisting them to live at home, participate in their community and social gatherings, we provide expert assistance for:

  • Accommodation and tenancy obligations
  • applications for a rental tenancy
  • Life transition planning including mentoring, peer support, and individual skill development
  • Decision making, daily planning, budgeting, and more.

Daily Tasks/Shared Living

Assistance in daily life tasks is not just limited to an individual living environment, but it provides the participants with full assurance of availing our timely and efficient assistance in all the daily tasks.

This assistance is offered in a shared environment, which is either temporary or ongoing, with a focus on developing the skills of each individual to help them meet their needs and goals along with performing their daily tasks efficiently while having a dedicated carer to count on.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this support service.

Development Life Skills

Just like our other services, the aim of this support service is also to promote independent living. Development Life Skills focuses on developing activities undertaken by the participant or their carer to increase their ability to live as autonomously as possible in a range of ways:

  • Travelling: As travelling is an essential part of one’s daily life, our team of carers ensures to train you perfectly to enable you to access the travelling arrangements to engage within the community for educational, recreational, and work purposes.
  • Public Transport: We make usage of public transport much easier and safe by providing top-notch training to the eligible participants and inculcate this important life skill in them.

Group/Centre Activities

Under this support service, we provide a growing environment in a group-based set up to encourage participation in group-based activities and work on building capacities and skills that allow them to lead an independent and active life. The goal is to normalize life and make use of activities that not only are enjoyable but also help you grow as an individual.

These activities could include but are certainly not limited to the following:

  • Camping
  • After school hours activities
  • Vacations and more.

Participate Community

At Horizon Homecare, we assist participants to participate actively in the community under this support service. To be able to meet your goals, it is essential to participate in the community, social and civic activities; and therefore, we extend our support and encourage our participants to partake in the same. The intent behind this support is to develop a sense of belongingness, community, and healthy relationships.

We extend our care towards those who are on the verge of being socially isolated, and to those who aspire to develop their skills and incorporate better communication, social interaction, and independence in their lives.

Plan Management

Plan Management provides you the choice over the supports you avail under the NDIS, the service provider,

and the monetary part. Under this service, you have control over when and how those supports are provided to you.

Managing your NDIS budget could be a bit tedious, however, under this support service, you get the opportunity to make the most important decisions of your life in an effective manner. Plan Management gives you the freedom to decide wisely without the stress of dealing with the extensive paperwork. Our support workers are great listeners and listen to what you have planned for yourself, thereby helping you make the most important decisions easily by taking up the hassle of the paperwork.

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